DBI Consulting offers different System-monitoring and SAP BI – BO services

More information: www.monitoringservices247.com

Load monitoring – Guard Services 7d/7d – 24h/24h
DBI Consulting offers load monitoring / Guard services for SAP BI Systems, also monitoring of other systems can be discussed.
In a lot of companies the monitoring of the SAP BI system is done by internal or external consultants, who do this kind of monitoring/guard services on top of their daily activities. In a lot of cases they compensate these hours during daytime, which again influences the daily project work and planning.
DBI Consulting has specialized in offering monitoring/guard services.
As this is a specific offering, DBI Consulting can offer 7d/7d – 24h/24h monitoring services, depending on the needs of the client, Individual procedures, tasks and timeframes will be discussed, in order to offer the best possible service.

Remote developments
You can also contact DBI Consulting to do remote developments. For example time consuming tasks as process chain creations, migration of reports, testing,… these developments are done according to transferred specifications.

Remote Support
DBI Consulting also offers support services, we can assure your SAP BI/BO helpdesk and investigate/solve your tickets/incidents.

DBI Consulting only works with experienced consultants which have +10 years of SAP experience.

You can contact us on +32(0)497 05 38 79 or dbi-consulting@telenet.be